Muldene Holloway Barnyard 2011
Muldene Holloway Barnyard 2010
Muldene Holloway 2013
 Muldene at Grand Daddy Hotel 2011
Muldene at Die Boer 2014
Muldene Holloway 2013
Muldene Canal Walk Bridal Expo 2014
Muldene at Mahogany Room 2014
Muldene Holloway has been singing for 23 years and knows what the world looks like from a stage. She currently sings in several bands and ensembles including Soft Landing, Revamp, Pastiche and Panache! Singing is her absolute passion and it is something that she can not possibly live without.

She received her diploma in Graphic Design and Photography in 2006 after which she decided to explore the world as a photographer on board the luxury passenger Cruise line, Carnival
in Florida, America. 

She travelled to places like the Caribbean Islands, Charleston, New York and Canada. She used this opportunity to get her singing carreer off the ground.
Like everyone else, she also has her weaknesses. One of which is a trampoline... She says she just cannot walk past one without kicking off her shoes and having a good, long, hard jumping session on it!.

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